hello, I am Michael

I do


and build

cloud infrastructure

About me

I'm a Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer dedicated to the design, build, and deployment of highly scalable and resillient cloud infrastructure and iac pipelines.

Computer Science student, experienced network & systems engineer, specialising in Cloud and DevOps.

what i do.

I am always evolving and adapting my skillset to industry trends, these are some of the things I am highly skilled at.


Advanced, 7 Years

Infrastructure as Code

Advanced, 5 Years

Database Administration

Advanced, 10+ Years

Windows Administration

Advanced, 10+ Years

Linux Administration

Advanced, 6+ Years

Cloud Architecture

Advanced, 4+ Years

Network Engineering

Advanced, 5+ Years

Highly Available Infrastructure

Advanced, 4+ Years


Advanced, 3+ Years


I have specialised in cloud engineering at leading companies in the software, technology, media, broadband, and entertainment sectors.



I can best be contacted via Email or through LinkedIn.

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Splunk Certified
AWS Certified
Microsoft Certified Professional