Professional Services

Onboarding / Providing AWS Account Access

In order to quickly get started, and to provide the necessary access to your AWS Account, we can deploy the following CloudFormation template. This template creates an IAM role in your AWS account that will allow me to assume into to perform the required tasks. Then once we're done, you can simply Delete this CloudFormation stack to revoke all my access.

  1. Once you've logged into your AWS Console, click the following link to launch into CloudFormation to deploy the stack:
    CloudFormation MorleyCloud-Assume-Role Template
  2. Leave all options as default, unless otherwsie specified, and click Next
  3. On the Review screen, check the box "I achnowledge..." at the bottom of the page, and click Submit
  4. After approx. 1 minute, the stack should be deployed. From the Outputs tab, please provide me with the IARMRoleARN value.